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Bipedal Universe?

16 Apr

I love sci-fi.  I am not a total sci-fi geek, but pretty darn close. The idea that maybe we are not alone in the universe is an intriguing topic. I used to think that it was completely idiotic that in most sci-fi movies and programs that all, or most, of the aliens were bipedal and have  2 arms, eyes, etc. In other words, they looked relatively human. However, now that I think about it, it makes sense. Let me explain.

I had this discussion with The Boyfriend while we were watching Farscape …again… (love that show). We started discussing how we were tired of seeing human looking aliens, then it hit me—duh, if the missing link in our evolution came from the sky then this would totally make sense. Let’s take this from different points of view, shall we?

If we look at it from the stand point that an all powerful being created the universe and all that is in it; that we come from said all powerful being, then we are alone as the bible makes no mention of extra-terrestrial life and we know that everything in the bible is true  :-/   Also, the idea that others are out there defeats the idea that we are unique. “God” created us in his image…US, not them. If we believe this, then we are alone.

If we believe that we crawled out of the primordial fluids and evolved then this also makes us pretty unique. The right circumstances created us. After watching one too many Discovery Channel programmes on “our universe”, I have learned that our planet is in the the right zone, the right placement in the orbit around our sun to create “life”. One little placement either left or right means no life. One little tilt on our axis either way, no life. The odds of this happening again? Well, have you heard about other planets being found in “the right zone” and life being found on them? yeah….

However, if we believe that the missing link to us evolving from ape to man was alien (which is a theory), then this could have ramifications beyond this planet. This could mean that we are, in fact, not alone. This could also explain all the  sci-fi creators’ lack of imagination . Granted not all aliens would look exactly like us.  Differences in  skin colour, eye colour, fingers, height, even tentacles could have developed over the years for them to adjust to their environment just as we have developed to adjust to ours. However, most of them, according to the creators of sci-fi characters, are, mostly, bipedal and for me this makes sense. To think that we came directly from apes leaves much to wonder about, even if they think they found the “missing link“. Even with that, there are still tons of questions.

Now, I am not saying that I think we came from space (so put down the phone and the straight-jacket), although, how cool would that be? Somewhere, out there in the big universe are “people”, somewhat like us, but much more technologically advanced. But what happened to them? Why haven’t they contacted us? Honestly, if I had to 100% believe this theory, I would venture to say that they have been observing us and due to our constant fighting, our lack of understanding, our lack of imagination, our lack of sympathy to our fellow humans, our lack of technological advancement, the fact that we can’t seem to go one day without killing each other, they don’t want to risk revealing who they are or they have given up on us because of these things. Maybe they have died out…boy, that would sad. Or maybe, and I like this one, we were a prison colony that was forgotten about, the prisoners mated with early “humans” and now we have grown beyond our captors wildest nightmares. When they came back and saw what had happened, they fled, leaving us on our own. *sad*

Maybe we are just a molecule in a sea of experimental goo in some alien laboratory? I dunno, but I can say that I don’t believe an all powerful, all knowing being created us. If we are in experimental goo, this experiment has gone too far and I want to be in the control group. If you are reading, please transfer me to the petri dish that hasn’t  been poked and prodded or been hopped up on experimental drugs. K? Thx!