Write for WO

If you like to contribute to Worldwide Opinions, we’d love to hear from you!

How it works:

1) You become a contributor and post whenever you want to. I don’t expect you to stick to a strict schedule; that would defeat the object of this blog which is that contributors post when they feel strongly about an issue. In other words, I’m looking for heartfelt opinions, not superficial commentary – I do quite enough of the latter.

2) Although, it would be wonderful if your posts were unique to WO, it’s ok if you want to cross-post articles from your own blog.

3) Your opinions may not mirror mine, that isn’t a problem. In fact, I would like to get some dissenting voices to join in; at the moment we all seem to be singing from very similar hymn sheets. However, I will not allow any post which contains material likely to promote hatred against any group, ethnicity or individual.

4) You retain the ownership of anything you publish here, and I will be happy to remove anything you decide you don’t want to keep up.

5) If you would prefer to contribute using a pseudonym, make sure you let me know in your initial email.

If that sounds okay, just drop me a line at kateDOTblogsATgmailDOTcom, and I’ll add you to the team.


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