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If you were Sarah Palin’s child . . .

11 Oct

what would your name be? I’d be Dust Chinstrap Palin. Hmm. That’s got quite a ring to it, much better than boring Kate, I may take it up. Look out for posts from Dust Chinstrap in future.


Foreign policy of US presidential candidates

10 Oct

Wondering what a new administration in Washington will mean for the rest of us? Me too. So, I went in search of the foreign policies of both Barack Obama and John McCain.

Mr Obama seems to have a very well developed foreign policy which covers several pages of his website. You can find it here, and if you (like me) live in Europe here are his plans for us.

I couldn’t find a definitive foreign policy for Mr McCain – I’m sure he has one, I just couldn’t find it, maybe it’s secret – but I did this transcript on his website.

As ever, share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mr and Mrs Palin should feel like a pair of Bristols

12 Sep

OK, I’ve been sitting on my hands to avoid posting about this, but I can’t hold off any longer. Bristol Palin – imagine if she had been born this side of the Atlantic. The poor girl would have spent her school days with the nickname ‘tit’.

Sorry, cheap shot, I couldn’t resist. Having said that, you’d think her parents would have checked. I mean, no one likes to give their offspring a name which might raise eyebrows if they go abroad.

Obama the winner!

18 May

time_cov Time magazine has declare Barack Obama the winner of the Democratic race. Sort of…

Love the asterisk. I wonder if Time is behaving in a responsible manner by declaring that Obama will win the race.

Although Hillary is not out, the media (and it would seem the majority of voters [um… except in West Virginia]) have turned against her completely.

It would seem America isn’t ready for a female candidate for President, let alone President (sorry, Condi!)

But Obama has to be feeling happy that until the convention, the media is going to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy about his seemingly inevitable nomination.

Clinton’s ideologue tells her to throw in the towel.

8 May


George McGovern, the former Senator and Democratic Icon, has told Clinton she should give up in her race against Barack Obama.

His 1972 campaign inspired Clinton to get into politics. She’s a hard woman, and I doubt the personal nature of the denouncement will cut her to the core, I suspect it will give her some pause as to whether or not continue with her campaign.

More on this story at the NYT and Washington Times

Obama and Hillary in Pennsylvania

22 Apr

The Obama/Clinton machine rolls onto a much sought pugilistic moment, the April 22 Primary in Pennsylvania.

Could Clinton have ever imagined having to fight this hard, so late in the race for the Democratic candidacy? She thought she was a lock, and would have it all wrapped up by Super Tuesday if not before.

Could Obama have imagined that he would get soft soaped by the media just long enough for his inspirational message to resonate with American voters?

And even now, as the two candidates twist and turn, name calling and underwriting why one another are not capable of holding the highest political office in the world (which is why this is relevant for people like myself, an African), one has to ask: has it been worth it?

Has the Democratic Party of the United States done itself any favours by allowing this battle to rage on?

Admittedly the media exposure has been great, and the campaign war chest has been phenomenal, probably far larger than anything a single candidate could have raised in battling John McCain.

But with the race and fight turning bitter (there is THAT word again) and nasty to ever increasing degrees by the day, will either candidate be able to present their platforms as something fresh and positive come election day in November?

All this time, the Republican election machine is able to study and collect ‘mind bullets’ to fire at either candidate once one is chosen. Is it still too late to ask for a compromise candidate, like, let’s say (since its Earth Day and all…) Al Gore? To really throw this election into the cement mixer of chaos?

Democracy is a funny thing, and American democracy is a very 18th century version at times. Perhaps the Democratic candidates have engorged themselves too much on the blood and fat of the cable news channels. Americans think that they know John McCain, as they think they know the Democratic candidates, but only once the two party race begins, after the Democrat horse trading has ended, will the true dirt get dug up on all sides.

As for today… the polls say Clinton has it.

I can’t help wishing there is a surprise on the day, if for no other reason then to end this primary race by letting Obama take it. I’m tired of the opening comedy act, someone please bring on the band!