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Certified Idiots

22 Aug

There is a photograph in my newspaper this morning of Lewis Carroll-Bush smiling like he ate his Cheshire cat. So why, you may be wondering, is Our Boy George so darn happy?

Because thanks to the work of British intelligence and British police agencies and their arrest of terror suspects in London, The Man Who Would Be King’s approval rating is the highest in more than a year. Never mind that he knew nothing about the plot or the arrests until the BBC reported the story: He is taking credit for the success of his War on Terrorism.

According to a telephone poll (not pole) of 1,001 of my fellow Americans over the weekend by USA Today/Gallup, and projected onto nearly 300 million of us, Mr. Bush’s approval rating on handling terrorism is 55%.

My friends, 55% of my compatriots are certifiable idiots. Oh, I strongly suspect that the number is much much higher, but 55% of them have certificates to prove it. They must all feel much safer now that only breast milk, either on the hoof or bottled, is allowed on flights between Sheboygan, Wisconsin and Hoboken, New Jersey (and wherever else these nuts fly).

I can laugh, and I must to stay sane, but the Bush/Republican B.S. machine rolls happily along. The fact is, the reason there have been no terror attacks in the U.S. in five years is because there have been no terror attacks in the U.S. in five years. Period.

A post from Arizona, US of A


A peaceful world ?

20 Aug

I wish that I could be more erudite and intellectual in this post. However, at the moment I find myself so disillusioned with current events that it is impossible not to be angry tonight. Our leaders say that they want a free and peaceful world. How can this be when Israel are defying the terms of the truce in Lebanon? How can this occur when the UN is increasinly viewed with suspicion and it’s authority undermined? How can this be when security measures that have been introduced in an emergency have led to chaos that has led to repeated security scares? How can it be when this has led to blatant instances of racism. It may seem that I am looking at this from a very western centric point of view. However, if we are to believe that terrorism is a global threat then all these are of extroadinary importance to all of us.

The UK air industry about to give itself a good slapping

20 Aug

As I have been reporting here and before that here the UK air industry is being systematically decimated in the UK by the UK government.

This news just in:

Air passengers could face a fresh surcharge on tickets to pay for the escalating price of airport security.

So what they are saying is that I now need to pay for the right to be treated like a man under arrest, harassed and then have everything I own lost while facing delays and cancellations while the people who are charging me for this dubious right by-pass the same humiliation.

All this in the name of a truly dubious idea that no right thinking terrorist would actually consider.

I have to pay for the right to be harassed so that something that wouldn’t work can not be attempted by people who couldn’t make it work.

I’d much rather travel on the eurostar and catch my flight from a French or Belgum airport. If only out of principle.

UK Airport Chaos: update – attacks wouldn’t work anyway.

18 Aug

“Our official protectors and deciders trumpet the fools they catch because they haven’t got a handle on the people we should really be afraid of. They make policy based on foibles and follies, and Hollywood plots.”

The Register has a story investigating the potential of the threat of “Liquid Binary Bombs” and concludes that security should be far more worried about white powder (like sugar) than liquids.

The reason: the terrorist is more likely to damage the toilets and blow themselves out of the window than actually kill anyone else.

“But what do these experts know about chemistry? Less than they know about lobbying for Homeland Security pork, which is what most of them do for a living. But they’ve seen the same movies that you and I have seen, and so the myth of binary liquid explosives dies hard.”

The Conclusion: someone has been watching too much TV.

“After a few hours – assuming, by some miracle, that the fumes haven’t overcome you or alerted passengers or the flight crew to your activities – you’ll have a quantity of TATP with which to carry out your mission. Now all you need to do is dry it for an hour or two.”

read the full story

The US cult of Bin Laden.

15 Aug

Edit: I can not believe I made such a twiglet of myself!

opinions – like buttocks, we all have them and they are all different.

I hate to burst the bubble of so many but your “research” for blog postings the world over shows just a little too much propaganda for my liking. Osama Bin Laden has nothing (what was I thinking) little to do with Al Qaida despite all the puff and noise he makes / made. It is led by fanatical devotion to a perverted and twisted idea. (it’s political).

What really rails me into posting silly ill considered posts is the entire “war on terror” which does nothing to cure what is a cocked up oil related PR disaster. Having proven our lack of care for international law with our treatment of Hussein we continue to press an unwinnable battle.

(now for a whole passage of mixed up thinking getting sorted out)

He was clearly not the mastermind behind the attacks just as the queen is not the mastermind behind our military manoeuvres. She is the figure head and the generals are the brains. So too for Mr Ranting Laden (he could have been a popular yet hated blogger).

Nor was Saddam Hussein ever a face, figure or buttock of terrorism.

Bin Laden (no he’s not, wrong dude) Saddam Hussein was the leader of a “small” country whose only significance is her control of oil and gas pipelines.

Likewise Al Qaida controls areas of oil and gas but worse still the way we have taken that oil and gas has given grounds for us to be hated.

It takes only a good preacher to stir that hate into action.

We are not talking about a small area like island but a territory used to and good at war.

Hussein is also a leader that had repeatedly been quite obstaneant with the UN (and the US) to the point that we have been to war with him before. But he has every right to have been short with west in what he and others view as a middle Eastern matter.

In Africa issues are sorted out as they have always been with guns and bombs but unlike the middle east without us taking sides based on where we get our oil or the matching of names in our religious texts (Israel/Bible).

The only reason the US and it’s puppy dog the UK had for hitting the guy (Hussein) is that of all the people of the right ethnicity he was the only one who couldn’t hide in the mountains after shouting rude names (Like Bin Laden).

While his (Husain) leadership was not the most civil, nor like our own (being more intolerant than even us) there have been shown to be no grounds to have attacked him other than the feel good factor of “hitting back”. Even if we have to hit back at some one else (and we did).

However while Mr Husain has been removed and is paraded around like some sort of trophy the terrorists that smacked the US so hard all those years ago are still free and unstopped.

Now I have made myself look like a total crackerhead – I have edited the two thoughts into separation so I don’t look like a total crackpot. Just a minor one.

After all the terrorists here is ME… and you and everyone that did not speak out when our countries did evil for greed (oil). We are the face of terror.

The face of terrorism today?

14 Aug

Ask yourself, who do you consider to be the true representative face of current terrorism?

Is it contestant number 1: Osama Bin Laden

Contestant number 2: Michael Mckevitt, imprisoned leader of the The Real IRA.

Contestant number 3: Rev Michael Bray, considered to be the chaplain of The Army of God.

Or is it all three?

Nobody would blame you if number 1 was your answer. Al Qaida and it’s cohorts are the current terrorist bad boys du jour. Furthermore, Al Qaida, and those groups associated with it have brought about a new era in the history of the world and terrorism. Since it’s inaugral attack on the west, the world trade centre attack of 1993, it has committed acts of such scale and cruelty as have never been committed before by terrorist organisations: death on massive scale in 1998, 2001, Iraq, 7/7, kidnappings and beheadings of hostages both foreign and islamic, Nick Berg springs immediately to mind. Islamic terrorism is nothing new, this is merely the latest example of it

However, as the case of Al-Qaida demonstrates the world has in the past been caught on the back foot. I would hypothesise that this is in large part due, atleast publicly to the UK and US’s concentration on a singular threat ( UK and IRA), or as in the case of the U.S, concentration on the protection of another state and it’s own political agenda ( Israel, UK, and the cold war). It was in this climate that Al- Qaida was allowed to develop into the organisation that it is today.

As I said earlier you could be forgiven for pointing to the picture of Bin Laden. You could also be forgiven for thinking that the only terrorist threat to humanity is Islamic. However, I did not choose the other pictures merely as contrasts. Mckevitt, although imprisoned and convinced of his own innocence, is still the leader of the currently active Real IRA. This remember is an organisation that has no fear about attacking UK targets. Bray is the spiritual leader of the group known as the Army of God. He is proof that terror and bigotry exist in the country that is currently at the forefront of the war on terror. Neither of these organisations have been in the news much recently. We in the west have been concerned with other matters. However, as al qaida demonstrated we should not take relative dormancy and lack of high profile coverage as a sign of blunted power.

Furthermore, terrorism is not unique to one cause or people. It is an ideology of hate and terror that is capable of being prevalent anywhere in the world, especially where their is great social, religous and political unrest.

Lastly, I guess the main point of this article is fairly obvious. Terrorism, unfortunately is an ever evolving and ever present threat. We ignore, other potential threats and their causes at our peril. However, please do not mistake me. I will never advocate falling into the easy trap of viewing your neighbour with suspicion. That only leads to conflict and unrest, both things the leaders of these awful organisations feed on as they only propagate their ideologies by taking in the disilliusoned.

For a list of organizations currently and historically classified as terrorist please go here.