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Welcome to a new contributor

18 Apr

If you take a peep at the left sidebar, you will see we have a new contributor. Andrew has joined us from South Africa and has a background in journalism, software development and financial services. He has also worked for non-governmental organisations in the fields of AIDS/HIV and sex education.

I’m looking forward to reading his contributions, especially as he is our first contributor from outside Europe and the American continent. Also, he has expressed an interest in posting regularly, so there will be more for you to read!

To find out more about Andrew, visit his main blog.


We have reached a milestone!

5 Apr

Unless someone has managed to jump in before me, this should be the 100th post here. So, I thought it might be time to take a look back at the past 100 posts and highlight a few you might like to revisit.

A big thank you everyone who has taken the time to contribute! And also to everyone who has dropped by to read and comment.

A Snippet of News

16 Aug

I sent this info by email, but I’ll post it here in case anyone missed it. Could anyone not listed as a contributor in the sidebar (that’s everyone except Charlie and I) please let me know what form you would like your listing to take, and also what you would like to link to. I’m adding the list manually because not everyone wants to link to their profile or regular blog.

BTW, it’s great to see people starting to post 🙂 Nice to see we have a bit of controversy already – and that those who are disagreeing are doing so in a vigorous but polite way.

By Way of Introduction

10 Aug

For most of my fifty-nine years, I have not been a political person. To me, a politician is a politician is a politician. Like rabbits, if I have seen one I have seen them all. Like baseball, I cannot tell one player from another without consulting a player list. Like a cheating spouse, broken promises sound like all of the other broken promises. To me, politicians are a breed apart: monied, self-important, self-serving, experts of the shell game, masters of windbaggery . . .

. . . and now, very, very dangerous to both the people they supposedly serve and to the world at large. I can no longer be ambivalent because to do so would violate and compromise my own personal morality. Silence implies acquiescence, and I acquiesce with NONE of the lies, invasions, and bloodbaths the politicians have wrought in the name of goodness and rightness and freedom.

Like madmen and Englishmen, I am an ugly American who is mad. Personally, I am a likeable, benign sort of fellow who reads a lot and collects stamps, but I am outraged by the politics of the world’s leaders, and by my country’s leaders, and by my state of Arizona’s leaders.

I am not, however, a hater—if I were, I would be as morally bereft as some of the politicians I disdain. I do not spew filth and snark and obscenities on television or radio, in books, or in the blogosphere. I may be mad, but I am neither insane nor deranged. Rather, I try to approach the daily doses of Orwell and Kafka with some amount of logic and reason. And yes, with my personal opinions, feelings, and heartbreaks as a human being.

I am happy and honored, then, to join an international blog with my friend Kate, and all future columnists, as just an ordinary clod-on-the-street who is attempting to make some sense of the 21st century.

A post from Arizona, US of A