It’s like heroin, baby

17 Jun

It’s all over the news. The oil spill. More like an oil deluge. We all feel bad. We all sit at our desks, working, typing away while watching the latest news unfold about it. We shake our heads and place the blame—BP.  “This is their fault.” “They need to do something about it.”  We say things like “what a tragedy” and go on with our lives. The world watches and places more blame. From Obama to the little guy trying to do his job to fuel the world. To the people who lost their lives. We all place the blame. But we don’t stop to think who is really to blame:


That’s right. You heard me. We are the ones to blame. Our big SUVs, trucks, cars, the constant need to drive everywhere even it is just down the street.  We have become dependent on oil. We consume it like candy.    It is our drug of choice. We spend money for it. We buy accessories for it and spin around in parking lots for it. We drive on sunny days for hours to show off.  We defend the use of it. We are even killing for it—each other, animals, the environment. It’s the worlds drug of choice.  We are addicted. It’s like heroin. We need more and more. We can’t get enough. Eventually, it will kill us. We reject the rehabilitation plans. We don’t think there is a problem. We think Ed Begley, Jr. is a nut case because he drives around in an electric car while we freely give our money to the the drug lords. We worship at their feet and beg for more.  We accept their excuses for price increases because we need their products

As much as I want to blame BP and other companies like them, it isn’t just their fault.  So go ahead and place the blame if it will make you sleep better at night. If it will help you forget about the lives that have been lost, the animals that are dead,  the environment that is ruined. If it will help you forget about the oil guzzling machine you drive 3 blocks to work. Just remember,  when you get in your big ass SUV and drive home from work or to the grocery store; that mess in the gulf? It’s your fault too.


3 Responses to “It’s like heroin, baby”

  1. Kate June 17, 2010 at 9:21 am #

    This is all very true! Oil companies don’t drill because they like making big holes in the ground; they do it because they know they have a dependant market who will buy what they offer at almost any price.

    • Nicci June 18, 2010 at 8:50 am #

      So very true. When I was living in the states, I drove EVERYWHERE! I used gas like it was going out of style. Since I have been in Sweden, I bike or walk everywhere. If it is raining, really cold or very windy I will take the bus or train. However, buses here run on clean fuel and the trains are electric 🙂 The only oil we use is in the transportation of the goods we buy and if I could get by without buying food I would.

      • Kate June 18, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

        You sound much greener in Sweden than the UK. Our transport system is moving in the right direction – no pun intended lol – but we still have a huge number of people who think nothing of driving a hundred yards to buy a newspaper. These are the same people who think I’m weird because I’ve never owned a car.

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