Judge not, lest ye be judged

22 May

A leaked document published in The Times yesterday outlines a government proposal to encourage council employees, doctors and charity workers to inform the authorities about anyone they believe may, possibly, be violent.

What a great idea! Lets not worry about silly, little things like evidence, or being innocent until proven guilty, lets just lock up anyone who looks a bit funny, or acts in a manner we don’t agree with. It doesn’t matter if they haven’t actually done anything illegal, it’s best to be on the safe side. And I’d like to get the ball rolling with the following tip off.

I have discovered that an organised group in this country have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people over the last few years. None of the group’s members are in the least bit sorry for this. In fact, several have stated that they feel a sense of pride and would happily do the same thing again. Clearly, this bunch have a major capacity for violence. The leader even admitted that he believed God had made him commit these acts. Now, if that isn’t a sign of mental illness I don’t know what is. 

If the powers that be wish to curb the activities of this gang they will find them hanging around Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament. Well, all except the above mentioned leader, he has fled the country.


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