16 May
From our heart we, the people, will decide our future. Check HERE

Costa Rica Still hasnt signed the CAFTA agreement simply because after 40 years of real democracy, social development and solidarity we have a LOT more to loose than our poor and desperate neighbors…

Want to know the results of this so called FREE TRADE AGREEMENT? Well just look at Mexico, who’s been aplying it for almost ten years: there is more and more illegal immigration to the US, a couple of megacorporations have taken hold of corn and many mexican people can no longer afford their daily tortillas:

Telmex now owns 90% of the mexican telecommunication market and its mexican tycoon Carlos Slim threatens Bill Gates as the worlds riches man according to Forbes 2007 report.. talk about free trade… ever try calling form a Mexican pay phone or cell phone… well its a rip off!!

Fortunately some americans are waking up (not Bush & Co. who will forever be in never ever fast cash land) and realizing that by sowing poverty and injustice you will only reap… more poverty and injustice…

The Democrats pressure for serious environmental, worker protection and generic drugs access ammendments in the Central American Free Treaty is a step forward but it will takemany years of continued efforts to compensate for decades of Gung Ho foreign policies and plain dumb reagonomics in Central America!

Jorge Albán


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