Blog Carnival 7/05/06

7 May

Welcome to the latest edition of the Worldwide Opinions blog carnival. This week’s entries are as diverse as ever, and it’s nice to see some repeat contributors! Before I let you get on and have a read, just a quick shout out to any one who would be interested in hosting an edition of the carnival. If you are interested drop me a line.

Michael Boldin presents Leaders Don’t Kill People… posted at Populist Party of America.

Doug Ragan presents The Veto Pen posted at I’m a Pundit Too, saying, “What is the history behind the pen that Bush used to veto the war spending bill?”

Bill Towson presents Has Our Military Outlived its Usefulness? posted at The Future Watch, saying, “Does it make sense to spend 1/2 trillion a year on a military that can’t pacify one small country?”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Bush’s Iraq Strategy: Here … Catch! posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Michelle Sweeney presents What’s In A Name? posted at Tonic Gifts.

Phil B. presents Lottery: A Stupid Man’s Tax posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “Lotteries have the worse odds against winning than any other type of gambling. Sure, lotteries do have the biggest pay outs for small bets, but did you know that most lotteries only pay out thirty cents for every dollar collected?”

Brooklyn Dissentator presents Sean Hanity Molests Collies posted at The Dissentators, saying, “Back from a fishing trip in “God’s Country”, USA, I’m still sorting through my indignation and repulsion to right-wing radio and the Newark Airport.”

Hell’s Handmaiden presents hell’s handmaiden » Blog Archive » Damned Witches! posted at Hell’s Handmaiden, saying, “”Unlike many of the faithful on the right who whine about religious freedom, I actually do support religious freedom. When I say that I support religious freedom I do not mean that “I support everyone’s right to follow my religion.””

That concludes this edition. Thank you to everyone who contributed! Submit your blog article to the next edition of
worldwide opinions using our carnival submission form.
Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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