Gay Marriage under fire again

13 Feb

I have always known that I come from a very conservative state.
What we are known for:

  • Corn fields
  • The Jacksons (eeek)
  • Axel Rose (eeek again)
  • Dan Quayle (who can’t spell)
  • A Republican controlled senate.

The last one is the kicker and is why nothing ever changes in Indiana. It shouldn’t be called “The Hoosier State” or, as ads and our license plates in the 80’s proclaimed “Wander Indiana”, it should be called “Nothing ever progresses because we are scared of outsiders and change” State…but I guess that is too long to put on a license plate.
In light of my recent post I have found another article, this one of a different tune. It is from my home state and says in full:

INDIANAPOLIS The Indiana Senate has passed a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.
Today’s vote in the Republican-controlled Senate was 39-to-10. It now heads to the House, which Democrats control 51-to-49.For the amendment to become official, it would have to pass the General Assembly this year or next without any changes, and then be approved in a statewide vote in the 2008 general election.
The amendment has two sections. The first says marriage in Indiana is solely the union of one man and one woman. The second says that the state constitution or state law cannot be construed to provide the benefits of marriage on unmarried couples or groups. (click here for the same article)

I held my head in shame. My own state. Trying to pass a law that, in every sense, is complete and total, 100% discrimination.
That is all it is.
How, in this day and age, can people be so single sighted? Do people really walk around with blinders on? Not seeing the world outside of their little bubble? How can this law make anything better? How can allowing people who love one another to marry make the moral values of the world fall to pieces? As Kate said in her recent post:

Same sex marriages were made legal in the UK in December 2005. In the time period between December 2005 and September 2006 over 15,000 same sex ceremonies took place. Has the world stopped turning? No. In reality, there are now thousands of couples who have publicly and officially declared their love for each other, who in the past would have been denied the opportunity to do so. None of these unions will be ‘productive’, although some couples may adopt, but as far as the specific individuals are concerned all are valid, and all took place for the same reasons heterosexual marriages take place – an overwhelming love for another human being.

How can people even think that gay marriage is wrong but bombing the hell out of innocent people is right? For a country based on freedom I am not seeing much of it.
The second part of the admendment says “state law cannot be construed to provide the benefits of marriage on unmarried couples or groups”. Opponents of the law state that “For two unmarried senior citizens sharing a household, the amendment might negate their hospital visitation rights or health care decision rights.” Kerry Blomquist of the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence stated that “Unmarried women who are victims of domestic battery also could be harmed. If the amendment is ratified, a live-in boyfriend who abuses a woman could not be charged with domestic battery, only with simple assault.”
How is any of this helpful to the people? I seriously don’t see the problem with allowing 2 people who love each other to marry.
Even Rev. Tom Kryder-Reid who has been married for 17 years and has three children opposes the amendment! He said, “I caution us against idolizing traditional marriage.”
My favorite argument against gay marriage are from the people who state that this will open the doors for people to marry the family pet, farm animals, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers…the list goes on. Seriously…if you want to ban something, ban people who think like that from the gene pool.

I hope the amendment doesn’t pass but I know my home state. They rule with fear and not logic so sadly, I think it will.


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