You and your views

29 Jan

It is around this time of year when things go silent and you wonder if all your political activism has been worth it.

However while the New Year Blues grind us all to a stop as we consider the year ahead it is also the perfect time to redouble our efforts and push on to a victory or success that might be just a short distance away. When it seems darkest and the temptation is to give up is often when the thing we seek is close at hand.

That is the theory anyway. But theory is no good without some practical application. The practical that I am going to suggest involves blogging in the political sphere but could be applied to blogging generally.

Right now we are in the grips of some serious January Humbug otherwise known as the New Year Blues. It is now when no one is singing the song of their cause, when everyone is looking for some leadership that you or I can step up to the plat and offer just that.

What am I saying?

Now is the time to redouble our efforts and to get the message out there. Do it now, do it everywhere and do it lots.

With a blogging now is the time when most blogs die only to start from scratch in the summer when the world seems full of life. However the number of readers is on the rise during the winter months as we sit at home rather then jet off for the evening garden party (or whatever it is you do in the hot part of the year).

It is an ideal time to push new boundaries to get your message, your face and your blog “out there”.

One way to do this is to submit articles to buzz42 and to group blogs and anywhere else that will take your offerings.

These articles can be direct reprints of your best work this month or summaries of the weeks news from your blog. They could be fresh items or items that you never published because they didn’t fit.

Perhaps you want to write about SEO but have only a Right/Left wing blog. That’s what these open blogs are for. It’s your style then that sells your message.

But you can not start submitting your content to other blogs until you are also submitting your content to your own – all of them.

(yes I am digging a little about some of the blogs I belong to but as I am just as bad…)

My point remains that in terms of speaking up now is the time to take the lead. Now is the time to set yourself as the blogger that leads in 2007.

Go lead the world.

This post may well be posted at more than one blog.

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