From a Green country….a big huge!

23 Nov

Hi, This is Julia, from Costa Rica.
Thank you so much for this important space.
My country is a little piece of land betwen Nicaragua ( our north) and Panamá ( our south). We are part of a more big territory Centroamérica that includes: Guatemala, Belica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua , Costa Rica & Panamá…and if you want you can add México and is Mesoamérica: the land of aztecas, mayas and others ancient cultures that we have in our genetic map and all places that you find here.
This country is new…We have just two hundred years of indpendent and republican life…and this in the life of a country is small. ¿ What do you think?
But, in the past ( excuse my english, my lenguage is spanish) we was a territory for native people that understood the importance of build bridges betwen cultures…
We have here a mistery…the stone big and completely rounds perfect espheric forms…Recent studies says that this stones are in a place that was a spiritual center for all the neigborhoods…
I dont´t know if this is true, but sounds like music.
My country has a pacific and friendly history, but is changig…but this is another history…and if you can read this words…place, rest….

If you want my photographic job, you can access to El Salón de Belleza , that is a gallery of women portratit with their words. I have my personal blog too calls Julia Ardón, a space for friendship between nicas y ticos: Ticaragua, women themes in Nosotras Juntas and a Magazine of free words Por La Boca Vive el Pez. ( arts, culture, political things and actuality)


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