Darfur – it must not become another Rwanda

16 Sep

In 1994 the world watched in horror as approximately 800,000 Rwandans were massacred in less than three months. Tragically, watch is all the world did, and little attempt was made to actually bring about an end to possibly the worst case of genocide in recent memory. You would think we would have learnt something from those days, but sadly it seems we haven’t, and a similar scenario is playing itself out in Darfur, with little intervention from the outside world.

We can not stand idly by and let a man made tragedy of this magnitude happen again. Up until now, troops from the African Union have managed to keep some kind of grip on the situation but due to a lack of resources and manpower they will be pulling out of the region at the end of the month, leaving many, many vulnerable people at risk of rape, robbery and murder. The UN have agreed to send in a peace-keeping force, but only with the permission of the Sudanese government – the very people who are responsible for the atrocities! This is a ludicrous idea, to use an analogy, it’s comparable to asking Hitler’s permission to liberate the concentration camps!

Tomorrow is the Global Day for Darfur, if you visit the site you can find out details of events in your area, even if you can’t attend such an event, visit anyway and add your name to the petition which will be sent to your elected representatives and also the UN. You could also pop over to Pip Wilson’s blog and read about an interesting idea he has for using technorati to raise awareness of the situation.

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