So who should be the next PM?

8 Sep

It seems that President (sorry Prime Minister) Blair is on his way out so who would make a good successor?

At first it seems obvious that Gordon Brown will walk any Labour Party election. But will he?

Firstly there will be some who will find his behaviour at the moment appalling. Doesn’t he remember the disunity that brought 18 years of Conservative rule? There is no point winning the leadership election if he leads the party to oblivion. Brown loyalists are obviously out to oust Blair and with their Masters connivance.

Secondly Brown is Scottish. Now that we have devolution will it be acceptable to have a PM introducing laws on one part of the country when his own constituents will be exempt? The current cabinet is Scot heavy.

Thirdly Brown is heavily associated with Blair. New Labour is as much his idea. Will the public believe it a change?

Anyway I’m not convinced by Brown. Everything that happened in Iraq happened with his full knowledge and consent.

The alternatives? John Reid, well he’s not Brown. Ok he’s Scottish but he is different to Blair and Cameron. Gruff abrasive. Jack Straw? OK was the foreign secretary, Iraq and all that BUT has openly opposed military action in Iran. Seen by some as deposed by Bush.

I reckon they should skip a generation, how about Hilary Benn the Development secretary? Alan Johnson at Trade & Industry? David Milliband?

Milliband and Benn have left wing parents. Johnson is a former postman. All are modernisers.

If it was down to me Brown’s behaviour would not be rewarded.


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