What Tony Blair Could Learn From Alan Shearer

6 Sep

You really know you are unpopular when people leave a party because of your presence. However, our illustrious leader doesn’t seem to think so, and desperately clings to his post despite a batch of resignations over his refusal to announce the date he intends to step down as PM. The resignations follow the publication of a letter from back-benchers demanding to know said date and stating that in the opinion of signatories his evasiveness is damaging both the Labour party and the credibility of the government. Mr Blair has responded by stating that his critics are ‘disloyal, discourteous and wrong’. The truth is they are more in touch with popular opinion (about the PM) than he is.

Blair no longer has the huge level of public support that he enjoyed in the late 90s. His ‘friendship’ with the president of the US has damaged his reputation beyond repair. In addition some of his more recent policies have left the public feeling that he has become too big for his boots. He may believe we still see him as some kind of golden boy capable of rectifying the worst mistakes of Tory policy, a kind of political Alan Shearer, talented, able, trustworthy and reliable, but we don’t. Smarmy and insincere are the words I hear most often used to describe him. Sadly, unlike Alan Shearer, Mr Blair does not seem to realise that his time is up, and that he should bow out gracefully. Instead he clings to power and deludes himself that deep down we all really like him, that he is still the man of the people he once was.

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