Workplace revolution

27 Aug

Plans are being draw up for radical changes for Women and parents in the work place

Under the plans Parents will be given the right

  • to work part time ,
  • to choose their own hours,
  • to statutory sick in the event of child illness,
Lets ignore the impact on business, lets look at how it could affect you on an individual level.

Imagine you are working in a shop, factory or office and you don’t have young children? Ah yes folks you are stuffed, your colleagues have to go and pick little Robert and Amanda from school? So YOU are working late, it’s the law. You get last choice on working hours.

You want to be off over Christmas? Ah well your colleagues have kiddies so YOU have to cover. None of this I worked last Christmas so I get this off lark…..

If one of my colleagues wants to have a child then fine, but I don’t see why that should impact me. I accept we have to be reasonable, I accept there maybe a need for family friendly policies, but having children is a duty and responsibility that people choose.

Another thing in the proposal is that companies must prove they are paying Men and Women the same for doing the same job. Now firstly let me state I see nothing wrong with this but, oh come on you new there was one, you have to allow for different levels of experience and you have to be treated the same.

What do I mean? Well if a man and a woman do the same job they should be expected to do the same activities. Telling the man he is expected to do overnight support but, that it is unreasonable to expect the woman to do so because it may not be safe is not equality.

Equality is a noble and worthy aim and one we should all want but you can’t have your cake and eat it.


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