Good Neighbours?

26 Aug

Uzma Rahan, her husband Arshad, their two sons Adam (11), Abbas (8) and daughter Henna (6), sadly these names have been become familiar to UK news viewers for all the wrong reasons. Arshad is missing, is known to have flown to Thailand but could be good knows where. His wife and three children are all dead, murdered by a blow to the head. A horrific and hugely tragic story. However, the reason I have mentioned this story is as follows. This family lived in suburbia, yet the bodies of the Uzma and her three children are believed to have lain undiscovered in their house for up to four weeks. Four weeks! How bad do things have to be for inactivity at the house not to have been noticed for such a length of time?

It may not be so obvious to read politics into this. However we do have to wonder what our politicians and local councils are doing to help engender good community relations or bad ones? I’m not suggesting we all go round to our neighbours straight away to give them a hug, metaphorical or otherwise. After all we can choose where we live but not who our neighbours are. Even so at some point we all have to rely on our neighbours for something.


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