Certified Idiots

22 Aug

There is a photograph in my newspaper this morning of Lewis Carroll-Bush smiling like he ate his Cheshire cat. So why, you may be wondering, is Our Boy George so darn happy?

Because thanks to the work of British intelligence and British police agencies and their arrest of terror suspects in London, The Man Who Would Be King’s approval rating is the highest in more than a year. Never mind that he knew nothing about the plot or the arrests until the BBC reported the story: He is taking credit for the success of his War on Terrorism.

According to a telephone poll (not pole) of 1,001 of my fellow Americans over the weekend by USA Today/Gallup, and projected onto nearly 300 million of us, Mr. Bush’s approval rating on handling terrorism is 55%.

My friends, 55% of my compatriots are certifiable idiots. Oh, I strongly suspect that the number is much much higher, but 55% of them have certificates to prove it. They must all feel much safer now that only breast milk, either on the hoof or bottled, is allowed on flights between Sheboygan, Wisconsin and Hoboken, New Jersey (and wherever else these nuts fly).

I can laugh, and I must to stay sane, but the Bush/Republican B.S. machine rolls happily along. The fact is, the reason there have been no terror attacks in the U.S. in five years is because there have been no terror attacks in the U.S. in five years. Period.

A post from Arizona, US of A


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