The UK air industry about to give itself a good slapping

20 Aug

As I have been reporting here and before that here the UK air industry is being systematically decimated in the UK by the UK government.

This news just in:

Air passengers could face a fresh surcharge on tickets to pay for the escalating price of airport security.

So what they are saying is that I now need to pay for the right to be treated like a man under arrest, harassed and then have everything I own lost while facing delays and cancellations while the people who are charging me for this dubious right by-pass the same humiliation.

All this in the name of a truly dubious idea that no right thinking terrorist would actually consider.

I have to pay for the right to be harassed so that something that wouldn’t work can not be attempted by people who couldn’t make it work.

I’d much rather travel on the eurostar and catch my flight from a French or Belgum airport. If only out of principle.


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