UK Airports

16 Aug

Yes the UK airport system has it’s head up it’s own arsehole. Yes the Department for Transport is in dire need of a good overhaul but then the gradual “discovery” that most governmental departments are not “fit for purpose” is no surprise to those of us who have been saying so for a very long time.

The entire system is a giant cancer of inefficiency and expense.

It may be “not done” or it might be “OK” to quote oneself in opening a new topic but what is done is done.

In a continuation of the terrorism effects that a well motivated and dedicated group of many thousands of people armed with military grade tactical thinkers UK airports have been effectively reduced to a circus. A circus that our leaders get to by-pass.

This so-called “security reaction” where everyone is treated as though they are guilty of something has required that every airport perform everything short of a full body cavity search of every passenger.

The result: cancelled flights inbound and outbound and many many British subjects ending holidays with long stays in foreign airports only to finally be forced to fly separately home on cramped and under equipped plans running a skeleton staff.

It is this sort of silliness in the avionics industry that causes crashes, not because of terrorist actions but because the rush didn’t allow a full check and the plane simply was not fit to be in the air.

One mother quite rightly points out in the Daily Telegraph “Never again will I take the kids on a plane”. When they suggest that the children travel back first (and separately).

I can just picture it – a bunch of three and four year olds wondering around London airports after three hours in a sardine-can with strangers wanting the potty, dinner, mummy, daddy, teddy or all of the above (if possible). Little kiddies getting lost and run over outside, locked in toilets, vanishing and never seen again or simply getting sent to the wrong airport like so much luggage has of late (another side effect of not having enough staff to carry out the ever changing requirements of the department of “transport”.

Any shares you had in the aviation industry should have been shed already but my advice to all is sell now, sell fast. Other industries like coach and rail will be doing well out of this for a few years to come.

It has, quite frankly, gotten so far beyond stupid that it makes the tate modern look mainstream.

What is most telling is the effort the leaders of the UK are going to to avoid seeing the problems while they get fast tracked past security and onto private jets.

After all it’s one rule for us and another for them!


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