The US cult of Bin Laden.

15 Aug

Edit: I can not believe I made such a twiglet of myself!

opinions – like buttocks, we all have them and they are all different.

I hate to burst the bubble of so many but your “research” for blog postings the world over shows just a little too much propaganda for my liking. Osama Bin Laden has nothing (what was I thinking) little to do with Al Qaida despite all the puff and noise he makes / made. It is led by fanatical devotion to a perverted and twisted idea. (it’s political).

What really rails me into posting silly ill considered posts is the entire “war on terror” which does nothing to cure what is a cocked up oil related PR disaster. Having proven our lack of care for international law with our treatment of Hussein we continue to press an unwinnable battle.

(now for a whole passage of mixed up thinking getting sorted out)

He was clearly not the mastermind behind the attacks just as the queen is not the mastermind behind our military manoeuvres. She is the figure head and the generals are the brains. So too for Mr Ranting Laden (he could have been a popular yet hated blogger).

Nor was Saddam Hussein ever a face, figure or buttock of terrorism.

Bin Laden (no he’s not, wrong dude) Saddam Hussein was the leader of a “small” country whose only significance is her control of oil and gas pipelines.

Likewise Al Qaida controls areas of oil and gas but worse still the way we have taken that oil and gas has given grounds for us to be hated.

It takes only a good preacher to stir that hate into action.

We are not talking about a small area like island but a territory used to and good at war.

Hussein is also a leader that had repeatedly been quite obstaneant with the UN (and the US) to the point that we have been to war with him before. But he has every right to have been short with west in what he and others view as a middle Eastern matter.

In Africa issues are sorted out as they have always been with guns and bombs but unlike the middle east without us taking sides based on where we get our oil or the matching of names in our religious texts (Israel/Bible).

The only reason the US and it’s puppy dog the UK had for hitting the guy (Hussein) is that of all the people of the right ethnicity he was the only one who couldn’t hide in the mountains after shouting rude names (Like Bin Laden).

While his (Husain) leadership was not the most civil, nor like our own (being more intolerant than even us) there have been shown to be no grounds to have attacked him other than the feel good factor of “hitting back”. Even if we have to hit back at some one else (and we did).

However while Mr Husain has been removed and is paraded around like some sort of trophy the terrorists that smacked the US so hard all those years ago are still free and unstopped.

Now I have made myself look like a total crackerhead – I have edited the two thoughts into separation so I don’t look like a total crackpot. Just a minor one.

After all the terrorists here is ME… and you and everyone that did not speak out when our countries did evil for greed (oil). We are the face of terror.


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