Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

15 Aug

Mr. Cheney, our architect of the Iraq bloodbath, our arbiter of a top-secret energy policy, and our own reclusive Dr. Strangelove, will invade Arizona today. Not with the Army (because we don’t have one), but with rhetoric. This evening, he will pander to local fat cat Republicans at a rubber-chicken dinner to raise millions of dollars for state re-election war chests.

The millions and millions and millions of dollars spent on re-elections to the House of “Representatives” (I use the term loosely) and the Senate is obscene. By contrast, Kate of itisi recently blogged for twenty-four long hours to raise a paltry $100 (£45) for Doctors Without Borders, men and women who actually accomplish something for the good of mankind.

But when all is said and done on November 7 (election day), we will still have 535 Doolittles in the U.S. Congress. And millions of dollars will have been thrown away, wasted, and flushed to get them there.

A post from Arizona, US of A


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