A Very Simple Question

13 Aug

On Saturday, at least 50 bodies were found around Iraq, shot execution-style with bullets to the head and chest by warring Sunni- and Shiite-sect Muslims.

On Saturday, Jewish Israel and Shiite Muslim Hezbollah continued unabated their slaughter of the innocents.

On Saturday, 15,000 Catholic Christians rioted in Northern Ireland, burning cars and throwing Molotov cocktails at police, in anticipation of the annual parade of a Protestant (Christian) fraternal organization.

It has long been my understanding that Jews, Catholic Christians, Protestant Christians, Sunni Muslims, and Shiite Muslims all worship the SAME God, and that they ALL profess to be the descendants of Abraham of the Old (Hebrew) Testament.

I have a very simple question, then: What the HELL is wrong with these children of the same God, these brothers and sisters, these protestors, warriors, executioners, torturers, and mass-homicide bombers?

A post from Arizona, US of A


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